What is Indiagiftshouse.com and how can I contact it?

Indiagiftshouse.com is an Internet based gift service providing an opportunity to (but not limited to) Indians abroad to reach out to their loved ones in India. The service is available for delivery in more than 500 cities in India and is constantly expanded, updated and reviewed.
Customer Service Email: support@indiagiftshouse.com
Phone: 91-(only for payment related issues.)

What all can I send ?

Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Sweets, Dry Fruits, Crystal, Soft Toys, Pens and much much more Gift items. If you like to send a gift not included in our cart, please feel free to mention it in our feedback form. We shall get back to you promptly to confirm whether or not is it possible for us to arrange that item for you and include it in our shopping catalogue to enable you to place an order.

From where are the items bought ?

All the items are bought from the best addresses in town which have been renowned for their quality for years. If you want us to buy from a specific source, please mention it in our feedback form. We shall get back to you as soon as possible to confirm whether or not can we arrange it and if so at what cost.

Can I phone or fax my order ?

Even though Indiagiftshouse.com is a facility on the WEB, it is not necessary for you to order only through the Web. You can even place the order and give details through email support@indiagiftshouse.com We shall confirm the order by E-Mail. Please note that orders are not accepted on phone nor any inquiries on services or status of orders or refunds or delivery complaints are entertained on phone. All enquiries on our services and orders are handled via E-mail.

How do I make payment ?

You can make the payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc. We accept All VISA, Maestro, Master Card and American Express.

Is my credit card number/bank a/c. number secure ?

We offer processing of Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking through CCAVENUE - a secured online payment gateway system employing 128 bits encryption to ensure security of online transactions.
Payseal's security measures ensure that your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking details are kept secure while transacting on the net, preventing unauthorized access. The credit card transactions are directly authorized by your bank within 25-30 seconds without the information passing through us.

Is it necessary to divulge my credit card information over the Internet ?

If you are not comfortable in divulging your Credit Card details over the Internet, you may leave the Credit Card details blank in the order form and subsequently let us know by phone:91- or email-( support@indiagiftshouse.com) along with the order number (which shall be generated when you submit the order form). Please note that we do not consider email as secured and do not encourage its use for credit card numbers.
You may leave the credit card number on voice mail after hours, but that will not be considered paid until the next business day.

How do I feel sure that the order placed has been correctly registered by you ?

After you have placed the order, you will get one E-mail confirming each order registered with us. Please check your E-mail Box immediately and in the event you want any correction, please get in touch.

How is the item delivered ?

All the perishable items like cake, flowers, sweets, homemade chocolates etc. are hand delivered to the address. Non perishable items like toys etc. are couriered from New Delhi(India) to the respective towns using renowned courier services.

How will you deliver one gift comprising of various items ?

Flowers, Cakes, Sweets and homemade Chocolates are delivered by the vendors from the city where the gift is to be given. All other items are sent by courier originating from New Delhi in India. Indiagiftshouse.com can not ensure delivery of perishable items like Cakes, Chocolates, Flowers, Sweets etc. alongwith non-perishables in one lot or at one time.

Are the items delivered as per the display on the webpage ?

The products will match the image on the website as the images have been taken from the vendors from whom the final order is sourced. But Indiagiftshouse.com, in its absolute discretion, may deliver a similar / alternate product for reasons or exigencies beyond its control.

What if you don't deliver or deliver late ?

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond control, orders can not get delivered or are delivered late. In such situations Indiagiftshouse.com will not be liable for any claim, damages or refund. In exceptional cases and after examining all the circumstances, Indiagiftshouse.com, may at its absolute discretion give refund in full or in part. Refund given earlier to the user or to some other user on similar or different circumstances do not create any precedence or right with any user to get or claim any refund or damages from Indiagiftshouse.com. All refunds are subject to 10% deduction to cover Bank charges and our processing overheads.

How do I know that the gift has been delivered on-time ?

We generally update the status of the order within 48 HRS of delivery and also you can check the status of your order in the order tracking section at our site. Also, after the delivery we'll send you a confirmation by E-mail.

How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made ?

We shall deliver your gift within 4 days of securing your payment or on the date of delivery mentioned by you in the order form, which ever is later.

Can I order for delivery in less than 4 days ?

Yes. For some categories in some cities, we do provide for delivery in less than 4 days at extra surcharge.

How do I know the categories/cities for next day and urgent deliveries ?

How do I know the categories/cities for next day and urgent deliveries ?

Is delivery possible on Holidays and Sundays ?

On Sundays and Public Holidays in India, no delivery of items sent through courier is possible. Deliveries will be made either on the previous date or on the next date. In case of flowers/cakes/home made chocolates, efforts are made to deliver even on Sundays|Holidays. For specific cities or items, you may enquire from us in advance over E-mail about the possibility of delivery on a Sunday or Holiday. We shall promptly respond. Also please read questions 12, 18 and 19 herein.

Do you gurantee delivery of the gifts on the date specified in the order ?

Delivery of perishables is made by the local city vendors and unless there are problems caused by Holidays (local or unexpected) or wrong address/non availability of anyone at the address or similar problems, the deliveries invariably do not fail. In case of non-perishables, the gifts are handed over to the courier company and even though due care is taken to give them enough transit time and the instructions for the date of the delivery as ordered by you, there can be in some cases a delay or an early delivery.

Can you ensure a particular time of delivery ?

Even though all your instructions are duly passed on to local city vendors and the courier companies, our experience has been that delivery at a particular time is not always practically possible in all cases.

Can you make deliveries in public places like Hospitals, Hotels, Marriage Halls etc.etc. at specific times ?

No. Requests for this will be handled on case to case basis over E-Mail. Your request will be promptly attended to by us. Please do not place such orders without prior confirmation from us. We accept such orders only after prior confirmation from the local vendor in our network.

Can I send some message along with the gift ?

Yes, you may send a message along with your gifts. Just type in your message in the message box in the order form. Your message will be printed/hand written in a standard greeting card (free of-course) and sent along with the gift.

Can the recipient send me message ?

Yes, the recipient of your gift can send a return message to you. We request all the recipients of the gifts to fill in their message in the delivery confirmation memo and the Feed-Back form and we E-Mail such messages back to you free if and when received from them.

What if I have to cancel my order ?

You may cancel the order prior to 4 days before the delivery date. If the order is for 6th you may cancel not later than the 2nd of that month. Orders can be cancelled by sending email to support@indiagiftshouse.com. If the order was paid for by credit card, a credit will be issued toward the credit card after deducting 10% for Bank charge and our overheads.

What if the recipient's address is wrong, incomplete, misleading or the recipient no longer stays there or refuses the gift or the premises are locked or inaccessible ?

We will pass on this information as soon as and if we get to know. In no circumstances, however, the refund will be made once the order is processed. The order shall be deemed to be processed once any step is taken and/or expense made and/or liability incurred by Indiagiftshouse.com towards fulfillment of the order including (but not limited to) placement of orders with the vendors and/or purchase of items.